Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is 2 days worth of work with more to go

This is a photo with me and other Santa Clara Valley Quilt Guild members displaying the partially completed work from the Carol Taylor Class.

Shameless Snag with Carol Taylor

This past week I had the opportunity to spend 3 days with Carol Taylor. ( )  What an incredible experience.  Each of the ladies did fantastic work on their quilts.  Photos will be up soon.  In the interim, I grabbed a photo of me and others watching Carol do a demo. Carol is extremely creative and patient.  With 25 students in the class she was able to provide attention to everyone with the kindness of a saint.

Until later

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Pink Mess

My First Quilt - 9 Patch

These are photos of my first quilt with Bev Stokley taken in September 2008.

My Second Quilt

Completing For Greg

A Mini Quilt called Java Time

Ruth McDowell Class

Yes, taking a 5 day class with Ruth McDowell was fabulous.  Here are the beginning stages of my quilt that is yet to be completed, but will be soon. 

Panel Quilt I completed


Quilter's Palette Class with Annie Smith

This is a sampler quilt that I have a few more blocks to complete.

Alex Anderson Class

Yes, I had the opportunity to take this class with her personally.  It was great.  Here are the blocks that I have made, no, I have not completed this quilt.  It is on my list. :-)

A cute cosmetic bag I made

These are really handy. 

Tote Bags

Paper Piecing Project

Mini paper piecing project with wine fabric.

My First Convergence Quilt

My first attempt at a Ricky Timms - Convergence Quilt

Marrakesh Quilt for a Friend